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Table Cloths

Table Cloth

Table Cloth frame.JPG
  • 100% Spun Polyester table cloth. (Plain weave or Jacquard)
  • 100% Cotton Damask table cloth
  • 100% Cotton Momie table cloth

 Standard sizes are:

  • 20x20", 22x22"
  • 54x54", 54x72", 54x90", 54x110", 54x120"
  • 63x63", 63x90", 63x110", 63x120"
  • 72x72", 72x90", 72x110", 72x120"
  • 90x90"

We also cater for standard size in round table cloth, and custom made other sizes or shapes to your requirement to make your event special and memorable

Jacquard Pattern

Rose Pattern.jpg


A closer look at the:

  • Rose Pattern (100% Spun Polyester Damask)
Featherleaf Pattern.jpg



  • Featherleaf Pattern (100% Spun Polyester Damask)
chrystanium napkin.jpg



  • Chrysanthemum  Pattern (100% Cotton Damask)





Placemats are made in-house to your requirement.

Table Skirting

Table skirt 1.jpg



We can make Table Skirting according to your request

Table clip

Table Clip 2.jpg



We also supply Table Clips.

NW J-Spun Color.jpg


These are our Stock Napery Colour Swatch for the spun polyester. If you would like other colour we can also source for you.

Please be advised that there is a little bit of Colour Variation in this photo to the actual color.

- Please note that for the Jacquard Spun Polyester we only stock for white color.