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DURALUX   towel range which is made from combed cotton for the extra luxurius feed.

Description Size Pack Size
 Face Washer 34x34cm 500
Hand Towel 45x80cm 200
Bath Mat 60x85cm 100
Large Bath Towel 75x155cm 50
Bath Sheet 90x185cm 30



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Description Size Pack Size
Hot Towel 30x30cm 1200
Face Washer 33x33cm 500
Hand Towel 42x66cm 200
Standard Bath Towel 70x140cm 100
Large Bath Towel 75x155cm 50
Small Bath Sheet 85x160cm 30


Plain border DURASOFT range gives towel folding machine problemless every day.

Herringbone border DURASTRENGTH will give the towel a traditional look.

In colour we carry the popular colour range like Peach, Moccha, Forest green and Ivory.